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Get the rocket fuel of professional design to boost your business into the space it deserves to be!

At Logomojo, we understand how important it is to have a unique and impactful logo that boosts your business into a profitable space. A successful logo wins over your target market, elevates your brand and brings in new and repeat business.

We ensure that each and every client, big or small, receives our bursting, energetic creative fuel, warm and friendly service, design expertise, and dedication in providing you with a unique and powerful brand identity.

Logo design, in the right hands, is a creative, fun and exciting new journey. Here, at logomojo, we have refined our logo design process to include your involvement, every step of the way, all while keeping our professional designers eye on the target.

We offer different logo design packages tailored to your needs and budget. Your businesses logo is guaranteed to be totally unique, fully customised and carefully crafted by an experienced and professional logo designer.

Here at logomojo, each new design project is nurtured. It becomes a creative challenge and undiscovered adventure and, when complete, a celebrated new birth.

Mark Macdonald
Mark MacdonaldFounder & Creative Director
When Mark is working on your logo and branding, he’s most driven by his passion for people. It’s that moment of satisfaction that washes over a client’s face (when they are presented with the completed design project) that fuels his tank and puts a pep in his step.

In addition, his 18-plus years as a graphic designer have given him ample opportunity to think creatively and solve problems – two pastimes he thoroughly enjoys – especially when he unlocks creative solutions that create increased revenue for his clients.

Mark always works with enthusiasm, passion and determination. He can’t help it – he’s just wired that way. Making your business needs his priority subsequently flows quite naturally.

Put him to the test, and contact him for a quote.



Logomojo thrives on establishing great working relationships – after all, we are a people-centered business and understand the importance of catering for your every logo design and branding need.